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The Anchor Course

Anchor Course 8 week course
Wednesdays, October 9-December 11, 
6:00-7:00pm, A162
(no class held on October 23 or November 27)


What do Christians believe about God and his relationship to us? Why is the Bible so important to believers? Who is Jesus? What was his vision for the church, and how must believers make that vision a reality? What about heaven and hell? And why does the cross stand as the most recognizable symbol of the Christian faith?

Discuss these important issues with Pastor Tom in The Anchor Course.

The Anchor Course will help spiritual seekers discover the meaning of Christianity and it will help believers develop their understanding of the faith!

The Anchor Course is ideal if...

  • you're a spiritual seeker who wants to learn more about the life and teaching of Jesus, but you don't know where to start, or
  • you've become curious about the Christian convictions of your friends, or
  • you're married to a believer and you want to learn more about your partner's Christian faith, or
  • you're a parent who's wondered how to explain Christianity to your kids, or
  • you're a believer who wants a better grasp of the main points of your faith.

To learn more, come for a Get Anchored Dinner introduction to the Course on Wednesday, October 2, at 6:00pm. By attending this introduction, you're under no obligation to sign up for the Anchor Course. Should you decide to register for the course, we'll meet for eight weeks starting Wednesday, October 9, from 6:00-7:00pm.

Childcare option: Children can attend our TeamKID:All In discipleship program which runs at the same time. Class is FREE for preschool-5th grade. Register here for TeamKID

Wednesday Night Supper will be served at 5:00pm.
RSVP Required by the Monday prior

An RSVP for the Anchor Course is not required, but it is encouraged. Contact Pastor Tom's assistant, Lisa (512-345-3771 or ).

If you’re ready to sign up for the 8-week course, click here.

If you aren’t ready to go through the course but you’d like the book, check it out free at our Hillcrest library, buy a copy from the church office for $13, or buy a copy online by clicking here