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Labor of Love History

The Labor of Love Holiday Market was started in 1990 by two women who were trying to raise money for the youth at Hillcrest Church in Austin, Texas. It has grown from a handful of craft tables in the gymnasium to what it is today!

The Holiday Market currently hosts 80 craft vendors and is an EVENT in Austin! It always happens on the last Friday & Saturday of October.

Ask around and you will easily find someone who knows about the Labor of Love Holiday Market. 

This event supports several youth, who, along with their parents, work hours at this show to earn dollars which are put into their youth accounts. This in turn allows them to pay for the camps, ministries, and mission trips that they attend throughout the year.

It is an amazing sight to see the church turn into a world of homemade crafts, and to be served yummy foods prepared in the kitchen by Hillcrest youth and parents. It is also very special in that it allows the youth to serve the attendees and crafters who make this all possible!  

The youth spend the week prior to the show rolling over 150 dozen homemade enchiladas and baking over 250 of the most delicious chocolate cakes you will ever eat! They serve breakfast as well as lunch/dinner items to eat in the dining room before or after shopping. Come and help us celebrate this historic event!